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Steve McQueen photographed for Flaunt Magazine by Chloe Aftel

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Tahar Rahim photographed by Thomas Laisné

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Typical racist rhetoric:

The “oh, but you’re not like the rest of them” line.

Never forget

His fucking face in the third pic is like every white boy I’ve ever seen try to explain away his racist/sexist/homophobic comment.

When it’s actually the opposite. English settlers were the savages. Native Americans had running water in some places! They had beautiful and intricate cities and homes and communities. They were clean, and respectful of the environment, and even used a form of breath sweeteners! But no. You won’t learn any of that is American history classes. You won’t learn about the completely and utter genocide of a nation of people who originally inhabited this land. Nope.

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U ever wish u were Mysterious but u can’t stop talking about urself

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I grew up with two moms, which was not really cool yet in the 80’s, but I never saw it like that, I kind of just saw it as like, I had two moms which was even better.

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